Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fantasy Bob's Cricketer of the Year

At a glittering ceremony last night, the inaugural award of the Fantasy Bob Cricketer of the Year was made. 

The international panel of experts had narrowed down the choice to the following shortlist:

Fantasy Bob
Shaun (Mr Barnacle) Barrett
Sachin Tendulkar

As celebrities of the sporting, entertainment and business worlds flocked to the prestigious secret venue, the world wide audience held their breath while the jury deliberated.  Earlier in the evening a complaint that the shortlist showed an unjustified bias towards senior veteran members of the Carlton 4th XI squad had not been upheld by the international jury of Fantasy Bob and Fantasy Bob who found that the nominations were made solely on merit.

As the hush spread throughout the glittering audience, the Chair spoke:

Tendulkar hears news of the award
'It has been a very tight contest.  All 3 shortlisted candidates would have been worthy winners.  But after careful discussion the panel has decided that for being the first player to score 14,000 Test runs and for completing his 50th Test Century earlier this month, the Fantasy Bob Cricketer of 2010 is the Little Master - Sachin Tendulkar.  There'll be dancing in the streets of Mumbai when they hear this news.'

Tendulkar could not be present at the ceremony - being involved in India's Test series against S Africa, so Fantasy Bob received the award on his behalf.  Tendulkar sent this message

'Fantasy who?..................'

In a radical move the jury also decided not to give a lifetime achievement award to David Beckham.

Sachin Tendulkar is granted immediate entry to the Fantasy Bob Hall of Fame.  David Beckham is not.


  1. Yesterday I watched on TV an interview of Graham Pollock. As he was reciting a mutually agreed upon (between him and the channel) list of his favourite batsmen; the channel cut to a series of videos showing Sachin get this 50th 100. Things channels will do to get Indians to watch things...

    You too Fantasy Bob?

    I thought you were different...

  2. Golandaaz - FB is very sorry to disappoint you, he hopes you will forgive this lapse.