Thursday, 9 December 2010

Motorway Misery

There were recriminations across Scotland this week as angry motorists described how they were stranded overnight in their cars as heavy snow brought the countrys transport system to a standstill. 

A weary traveller told Fantasy Bob, It was terrible.  As the night wore on and we were going nowhere, we thought that at least we would have a full days play on Test Match Special to listen to through the night.  But the authorities couldnt even organise that as play was over in a little over an hour.  Emergency batting failed to get through.  We were left having to listen to Radio Scotland all night.  It was a nightmare.  There needs to be an urgent inquiry into how the authorities failed to learn the lessons of the recent harsh tests to ensure adequate piles of runs were stockpiled to make sure England had to bat again.  They seem to organise things in Sweden much better where  Testmatch Särskilda  regularly runs through the night without problems.' 

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