Saturday, 11 December 2010


Today’s sporting headlines throw Fantasy Bob into confusion - a precipice, you might think, that he is never very far from disappearing over at the best of times. 

Apparently Australian selectors prefer Beer to Bollinger.  Now FB should make it clear that his preference would always be for a fine champagne, but he is mystified why the drinking habits of Messrs Hilditch and Chappell should command his interest.   All this personal tittle-tattle seems to FB just another indication of our trivia-obsessed media.  What FB wants to know is what players the selectors are going to pitch into the fray in Perth.

FB is further confused by news from the football world.  As some readers will know FB is a native Aberdonian and his loyalty to Aberdeen FC has never been in doubt, although under severe strain in recent seasons.  Recent in this case means since 1986 when Alex Ferguson went to Manchester United. 

But he is uncertain whether to be comforted by the stories today that the new arrival at the manager’s desk will be none other than former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Apparently the Board think that Brown's long experience could be vital.   In particular his expertise in bail-outs could be all important in the club’s battle for Premier League survival.