Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The National Trust for Scotland

Carlton followers will be looking with concern at recent reports about the National Trust for Scotland.  Facing financial perdition, this eminent organisation is contemplating modernisation - in Fantasy Bob's experience, a term that is characterictically a euphemism for disaster, dumbing down and the launch an up-dated web-site. 

Key among the proposals being considered is the disposal of a number of the Trust's properties.  Carlton fans wish to establish at the earliest opportunity the implications for a historical property of particular significance to them.  In recognition of his historical importance, Shaun Barnacle Barrett has been preserved for the nation by the National Trust since shortly after the First World War.  His hamstrings have been carefully conserved by the Trust's experts, extending the useful life of these artefacts byond measure.
The delicate condition of this historical relic has required a strict regime of limited exposure to the public.  However Barnacle is regularly on display during the tourist season - usually between the first and 21st over of the Carlton 4th XI innings.  On occasion, visiting tourists can be fortunate and observe Barnacle taking (or attempting) a quick single, a wistful reminder of times far off. 

The faded family motto can still be seen on his cap 'Form is temporary, class is eternal.'

It is vital that this monument is preserved for future generations to enjoy.  All Carlton friends and supporters are urged to join the 'Barnacle for the Nation' campaign to ensure he is not lost forever.

The historical monument in its finest glory.
Picture courtesy of Carlton CC picture library.


  1. Well done FB – you really have mastered the art of posting blogs while on the high seas – very impressive.

    As a long term admirer of the Barnacle I was astonished to see that he was relegated to third place in the year’s most important list – the CCC 4th XI batting averages:

    No surprise that the talented young whippersnapper Everett was slightly ahead of him, but it is rather astonishing to see one “R Irvine” in the Number One spot.

    Astonishing that is until one examines the ‘NO’ column.

  2. Indeed, congratulations on working the interweb whilst sailing. And they say men can't multi-task!

    Whilst I am in full agreement with the need to preserve this classic monument for the benefit of the future output of the Carlton junior production line, surely a more appropriate image to use in the campaign would be Barnacle in full defensive mode?

    I know of an almost endless supply of photos of him employing either the "dismissive leave" or the "disdainful block".

  3. As pub landlord says there must a more suitable photo. There is no close fielder in sight in that one. Was it posed?

  4. Friends - FB is sorry that this comments section is descending into such downright abuse. Groupie's slight on FB's capabilities is bad enough but will be overlooked on this occasion. However implications that attacking shots are unknown to the Barnacle must be countered. Like eclipses of the sun they may not happen often, frequently cause distress among less developed cultures, but should be treasured all the more when they are seen.