Monday, 6 December 2010

The Meldrew Mood

Peter Allis? I don't beleive it.
 Fantasy Bob understands that journalist Mathew Norman has published a book entitled 'You cannot be serious' which lists 100 things that he dislikes about sport.  No doubt, this will be on everyone's Christmas list.  Norman's list is on the link - and FB endorses just about every one of his pet hates, apart from the denigration of Peter Allis (in FB's opinion old bufties have a place in the world and should be allowed to be old bufties) and Billy Bowden (the only cricket related entry and apparently reviled for his histrionic signals - FB sees no serious problems with Bowden compared to other huge injustices and imperfections in the world).

Not to be outdone, and in a manner completely inconsistent with his sunny easy-going disposition, Fantasy Bob thinks it appropriate to indulge himself in a small rant of a similar sort.  Here are some things which get FB in the Meldrew mood
  • Footballers - over-paid, self-regarding, preening, cheating, tattoo-encrusted, spitting philistines who are no longer appropriate role models for young people;
  • Russell Brand,  Jonathan Ross (and similar pondlife)- over-paid, self-regarding, preening............sorry nothing to do with sport but FB just had to get it off his chest;
  • F1 the most boring sport - is it a sport? - ever and a disgraceful waste of licence payers' money by the BBC;
  • Golf authorities - for sheer greed and venality, in particular for taking the Ryder Cup to second rate venues, a series of millionaires' playgrounds masquerading as golf courses;
  • Crowds at cricket matches singing non-stop football chants;
  • Donald Trump - for stealing part of FB's childhood (a subject of a post yet to come);
  • Murdoch - for stealing sport from the people;
  • Footballers' goal celebrations - a manly handshake would do - all that running to the corner flag, sliding on knees, and conga dancing is more than tedious;
  • Tiger Woods - even his fantastic short game does not redeem his on course and off course behaviour;
  • The Old Firm - a blight on Scotland;
  • J Trott taking guard - get on with it;
  • Proponents of summer football or summer rugby - SOD OFF! - the summer belongs to the one true sport, the highest creation of the sporting gods.
Fantasy Bob could go on, probably for ever, but he thinks that this is enough bile in any one posting.

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