Monday, 22 August 2011

Honeycomb Mould

Fantasy Bob feels his age on occasion.  And these occasions seem to have fewer other occasions in between them.  Many of these occasions are when an unkind batsman chooses to blast the ball adjacent to FB's stationary position in the field.  His team mates indicate with some energy, not to say impatience, that they expect FB to hurl himself at the missile to stop it, or, if that is not possible, chase after it (even up the hill at Carlton) and whing it in.  The cries of 'Good chase FB' from his younger colleagues, increasingly sound rather patronising as, after a floundering shamble after the ball his pathetic imitation of a throw lands about 20 yards away and the batsmen turn with some comfort to take a fourth run.  Where once a prudent batsmen seeing FB with the ball in hand would advise his reckless partner 'Not on his arm' the call has now become 'Yes, 2 on the throw.'

As the shadows lengthen across the outfield, FB therefore ruminates more frequently about the passing of time.  There are many random things that come across his mind at such times.  This afternoon the available brain cell was fixated on food, in particular foods that no longer seem to be around.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that diets have changed significantly even over the last 20 years, over FB's life time the changes are immense.

It was in this frame of mind that a vision of Honeycomb Mould came to FB - so strong that he could almost smell and taste it.  'What on earth is Honeycomb Mould?' all 3 of FB's readers ask simultaneously.

this is an ad from the 1920s
 - the web provides no images
 from the 60s or 70s of this
miraculous product
FB remembers this dessert with more than affection.  It caused war with his siblings whenever it was served.  Micro measurement of helpings by parents was required if life long injustices were not going to be risked.  Perhaps it was for this reason that it no longer appears on the shelf or table - modern families will not risk it.

The Honeycomb Mould FB remembers was a packet product - a powder to be mixed with milk.  After a bit of stirring and whipping and a bit more waiting and chilling, what emerged was an airy creamy mix with a gelatine top - if you turned it out or a  gelatine base with an airy creamy base if you didn't.  Food of the Gods.  Although this was a packeted product and no doubt stuffed with all manner of chemicals that subsequent research ahs demonstrated will shorten FB's life, heritage cook books now contain recipes for it.  The saintly Delia even does one, so it may be on the come back.  Those who have not had it don't know what they missed.

Here are another 10 players in the Old Foods XI.  All these verged on being staples during FB's younger years.  Some of them may still be playing, but they rarely make the Test side.

  • YoYo biscuits- circular chocolate biscuits with coloured foil wrappers - each colour a different flavour - mint was green, red was toffee.
  • Hienz Salad Cream - the emulsion they tried to kill but saved by popular demand.  Prawn Marie Rose is not right without it.
  • Plumrose Chopped Ham and Pork - one step up from Spam
  • Heinz Russian Salad - tinned carrots potatoes and peas in salad cream - one of your 5 a day - FB doubts it - whoever ate it?
  • Oat Krunchies - parcels of cornflakey type stuff
  • Arctic Roll - plastic sponge cake round inferior ice cream - truly wonderful - at its peak 25 miles of it were sold a month - rumoured to have made a comeback a couple of years ago
  • Eat Me Dates - sticky as anything and with a funny stick thing to pick out of the box
  • Frey Bentos - steak pie - a whole pie in a tin - with the soggiest pastry in the world
  • Curry with Raisins - a bit of a cheat by FB here - not a purchased product but all domestic goddesses in the UK in the 60s cooked curry with raisins in it - and then the Indian restaurants arrived
  • Ambrosia Creamed Rice - justly named for ambrosia it is - food of the Gods - companions were semolina and sago and macaroni.
With all that stuff, you may be forgiven for wondering how on earth FB grew up big and strong, although he accepts you have no evidence he was ever big and strong - for like everyone else, you will take 2 on his throw.

Don't let the modern packaging fool you - this is real classic


  1. I remember Honeycomb Mould - it was delicious - Mum used to make it from a packet mix, but I haven't seen it for years and often think about it. Brown jelly bottom and a frothy sort of jelly at the top - not being a cook I won;t even try to make it but perhaps someone could resurrect the packet mix? Fray Bentos pies in a tin, unique flavour stringy meat and soggy pastry but very crisp on top, probably very bad for you. Curry with raisins,didn't that come in a packet too, wasn't there a paella mix too? Oh for the old days.

    1. Many thanks - a campaign to bring back HoneyComb Mould must start now.

    2. Loved honeycomb mould bring it back please who made it!?

    3. Thank you so much for the honeycomb mould memory - you have warmed my heart and stomach ;-)

  2. You can make your own so easily and tastes just like the 'real' thing (ie the packet one!) - here's a Delia recipe for a lemon one or substitute vanilla essence or any other flavour for that matter - you could use blended fruit, the possibilities are endless...

  3. I loved honeycomb mould, my mum would buy it from Woolworths I think en route to grandma's, along with broken biscuits , and grandma would let me go to the village to buy fancies. Wish honeycomb mould would make a comeback.