Saturday, 11 December 2010

Returning to base

Michale Vaughan models
the base layer
Fantasy Bob is a firm supporter of current attempts to get Parliament to legislate to ban footballers from wearing gloves and scarves.  No punishment is too severe for such softies.

But FB will tolerate any other athlete, even namby-pamby footballers, wearing appropriate base layers. Base layers are undoubtedly wonderful things and major advance in civilisation.  They have changed FB's life for the better.  When did they first appear?  As far as FB's limited cricket memory is concerned, they seemed to arrive with Michael Vaughan.   Pre-Vaughan, in the distant days of the 20th century, Fantasy Bob would have to take at least 2 sets of shirts and under-shirts to every game.  A cotton cricket shirt and a cotton tee-shirt - both would end up sodden at the end of a bowling spell and would not dry quickly.  Changing was the only comfortable option.

Then suddenly along come these self-wicking things and life is so much more pleasant.

Here is FB's equipment review of base layers:

For cricket he wears Canterbury Cold (if it's cold) and Hot (if it' hot).  The Cold does help keep the icy drafts at bay.  The Hot is self wicking and helps temperature regulation.  FB accepts that he will never look cool in anything but he feels it in this gear.
FB's torso on a good day

Base layers are essential for other activities than cricket.   The Canterbury and Skins are good for running.  But the polyfibre isn't right for everything. For skiing and sailing FB favours Icebreaker merino.   Top and long johns.  Hugely comfortable and hugely effective - they also can be worn many days in a row without getting whiffy (as Icebreaker's advertisements put it).  It can also be worn for everyday purposes - just as a shirt or as an under garment.   There are now many styles to choose from.  Highly recommended.
You can tell FB why both his recommendations are from New Zealand.

To restore flagging Australian morale, FB also recommends Skins, again to help keep the icy blasts at bay but also as compression to help the blood flow to the muscles - well if its good enough for Brett Lee and Paula Radcliffe it's good enough for FB.  FB has found that as part of a carefully balanced diet, they reduce the risk of pulled muscles hugely.

So there you go a posting mostly about pants.

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