Monday, 13 December 2010

The Best Christmas Album Ever

Fantasy Bob was interested to read recently that Bulgarian national television called on its viewers to say which Christmas and New Year songs they don't want to hear this year.  What a good idea.  FB has great sympathy for the battered ears of shop staff who have to put up with endless loops of this rubbish from the end of August. 
A spokesman for the TV station said ‘Hundreds of Christmas songs exist, but we have been made to listen to the same old ones for decades,’   Quite right in FB’s view.  He doesn't want to hear any of the usual garbage.  In particular, forcing anyone to listen to Paul McCartney’s truly awful Wonderful Christmastime should be a capital offence.

Fantasy Bob is also concerned that the compilers of these tapes always overlook the Christmas songs that cricket lovers warm to.  In an effort to redress this oversight he has compiled his own album – with the thoroughly original title of the Best Christmas Album Ever.  Here is a selection of its tracks:
Merry Cricket Everybody featuring Vanburn Holder and Slade

In the bleak midwicket

Once in Rahul Dravid’s City

Rudi the hard nosed umpire

I saw 3 slips

The First No-ball

When Sachin got stuck up the chimney

While shepherds watched the Test all night

Away in a manger, no cricket in bed

All hail to thee o blessed Warne
…………………..and many many more.

Readers who would like to get in the seasonal mood might like to listen to one of FB's favourite modern carols  - John Rutter's Star Carol.

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