Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas quiz

Go on, go on, go on, go on
Fantasy Bob poses you this question for your jolly Christmas quiz. 

What is the connection between Mrs Doyle, housekeeper to Father Ted, and Scotland vs Leicestershire on 22 August 2010?

Some relevant clues:
Scotland beat Leicestershire in Aberdeen in a rain affected match.  Scotland scored 166 for 9 off 40 overs.  Leicestershire's D/L target from 21 overs was 114.  They scored 101, so Scotland won by 12 runs.  Hooray!

Neil Hannon wrote the theme tune to Father Ted (as well as Father Ted and Father Dougal's unforgettable Euro hit My Lovely Horse).  Neil was also a founding member of the Duckworth Lewis Method who in 2009 released a concept album of cricket based songs.  A previous post has made reference to this ensemble.

So, you probably think the answer to the question is the Duckworth Lewis method.

Very near - but wrong.
The answer is cake.

Cake was undoubtedly served during the match in Aberdeen probably during the rain intervals.

Mrs Doyle and cake are inseperable as shown in the following extract from an episode of Father Ted:
Mrs Doyle: There's always time for a nice cup of tea. Sure, didn't the Lord himself pause for a nice cup of tea before giving himself up for the world.
Ted: No, he didn't, Mrs Doyle!
Mrs Doyle: Well, whatever the equivalent they had for tea in those days, cake or something. And speaking of cake, I have cake!
[Holds up a cupcake]
Ted: No thanks, Mrs Doyle.
Mrs Doyle: Are you sure, Father? There's cocaine in it!
Ted: WHAT?
Mrs Doyle: Oh, no, not cocaine. God, what am I on about. No, what d'you call them. Raisins.
Mrs Doyle is a true Ashes Hero.

FB suggests the answer to all other questions in any Christmas quiz, and in life itself, is also cake.

(FB acknowledges that this fabricated cricket type question is no more than a very transparent device to post a favourite piece of comedy dialogue.  He apologises but is unable to guarantee that it won't happen again.)

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