Friday, 3 December 2010

They think it's all over.........

As England bowl themselves into a very strong position in Adelaide, and Scotland work hard to recover from a low first innnings score in Dubai, senior figures at Carlton will meet today to identify what went wrong with their imaginative bid to bring the 2018 FIFA World Cup to Grange Loan.  

An insider told Fantasy Bob last night of the club's frustration .  'Obviously we welcome any opportunity to show sour grapes and this is a big one.  We had the best technical bid, the best commercial package and the best David Beckham as a figurehead but we got only 2 votes.  We are demanding an immediate Government inquiry into the quality of brown envelopes in Britain, they no longer seem to be up to international standards.'

Fantasy Bob has been unable to establish whether the go-ahead Edinburgh club will continue its plans to  attract other major international events to the ground.  The club is believed to be bidding for the coveted MTV awards ceremony and there is a belief in the management that Lady Gaga could be devastating bowling from the bottom end.

Meanshile, in a surprise move following the decision to hold the 2022 World Cup competition in Qatar, Antarctica announced that it would be bidding for the subsequent World Cup.  A spokesman said, 'It is time FIFA recognised our contribution to the development of the game.  We promise the coolest competition ever.'


  1. Having successfully hosted the Antartica marathon for a good 15 years now, hosting the soccer world cup is logical. And while the Antartica Treaty prohibits countries from conducting many activities, sports is not one of them.

    Penguins will be used to referee games to eliminate "human error". I am told Scottish referees are not too thrilled with this proposal

  2. wonder why scotland did not reverse its batting order for the 2nd innnigs. the evidence in support of this tactic was quite obvious after the first innings

  3. Golandaaz - penguins are an excellent idea and could just be the thing that tips voters in favour of the bid. Yes Scotland on the back foot again - it looked hopeful after the first innnings lead. Let's hope Afghanistan find the wicket just as tough second time around.