Tuesday, 7 June 2011


from the match
at Thermopylae
300 is a significant number in classical history.  It is the number of Spartan batsmen who held the pass at Thermopylae against Persian fast bowlers in 480BC.  This was in the days before Wisden so accounts of the Test Match are not entirely consistent.  One thing that many accounts do not bring out is the fact that not only were there 300 Spartans, but also 400 Thebans and 700 Thespians - Thespians as in soldiers from Thespiae, rather than camp theatrical chaps who went around declaiming 'Darling, you were simply marvellous' at any Hoplite in range.  Nearly all these batsmen were bowled without scoring. Despite all the sacrifice and heroism the Greeks lost this match, but came back stronger in the series to win it outright and send Xerxes (for it was he) back to where he belonged.

The Battle of Thermopylae has become a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds and an example that is certainly on Fantasy Bob's mind any time he walks out to the wicket with his Gray Nicolls Nitro in his sword hand.

And the link to something sensible is that this is FB's 300th post.

There is something impressive about 300, particularly if was against your name on the scoreboard.  Fantasy Bob can recall watching much or all of 3 triple centuries - Bobby Simpson in 1964 at Old Trafford, John Edrich in 1965 at Headingley, (these 2 when cricket was played in black and white) and Graham Gooch in 1990 at Lords.  Overall there have been 24 triple centuries in Test history - 20 batsmen have one, Bradman, Lara, Sehwag and Gayle have done it twice.

So FB is in pretty good company.  Here is a reminder of the 11 boundaries from his 3rd century:

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And just to indulge himself even further here are the scorebooks from FB's first and second hundreds.

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