Wednesday, 1 June 2011

When all else fails....

Fantasy Bob has been faced with the situation many times.  Any skipper has.

You have put the opposition in on a green one, early wickets have gone but the sixth wicket pair begin to stick, catches fall agonisingly between your fielders, balls go through the batsmen but over the stumps, the runs begin mount, that faint feeling of superiority begins to wane. you are facing a sticky partnership.

What to do? You may need to buy a wicket. 

This is where FBs new on line service can help.

 How works

Your free bowling change - online

If the batsmen are living a charmed life and the total is playing on your mind, you'll be delighted to know it takes just a few minutes to complete and receive the partnership breaking decision. You're then just one step away from a guaranteed wicket.
  •   Start by entering the team total and the overs since the last wicket
  •  Answer a few questions about weather, team members, occasional bowlers and overs left until tea.
  •   Fill in your details and we will email your bowling change using an occasional bowler

Your free bowling change is on its way ...

We then send your free bowling change to you within a few minutes of receiving your details. Soon, that sticky partnership will be the last thing on your mind and you can look forward to tea.
   If you're happy with our suggestion, just follow the link in your confirmation email to bring on the occasional bowler
Breaking that partnership couldn't be easier.

Dilshan says - I wish I'd heard of when Cook and Trott were batting last week at Cardiff.

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