Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Scottish Cricketer's Year

12 March

27 November

Fantasy Bob invites readers to spot the difference between these 2 photographs taken from his window on mornings 4 months apart. 

This can mean only one thing.  The sap is rising. The cricket season is fast approaching. The arrival of fresh snow is official confirmation.

Here is a poem in celebration of the balmy weather conditions that make Scotland such a suitable location for cricketers. FB is confident his modest versification will cause immigration statistics to soar.
The Scottish Cricketer's Year
January an' the winds are blawin
Maybe it'll soon quit snawin
Watch the Ashes on the telly
We're no oot o' winter yet

February gales just winna stop
Pullin slates fae a'e rooftop
The CWC is underway
We're no oot o' winter yet

March days grow slowly longer
Just as snow and rain gets stronger
The IPL is crashing sixes
We're no oot o' winter yet

April fools us same as ever
Ootdoor nets were nae sae clever
Cancelled due to snow an' frost
We're no oot o' winter yet

Then May is fine the wicket's rolled
The first over has been bowled
When cloudbursts flood the field
We're nae oot o' winter yet

In June we thought we'd feel the sun
A frontal system spoils ony fun
Hail is lashin' o'er the wicket
We're nae oot o' winter yet

July's the high point o' the summer
Of course it brings anither downpour
Empty weekend, empty weekend
We're nae oot o' winter yet

August and the season's going
Just as the black sky starts snowing
The grass is damp, oor fingers numb
We're nae oot o' winter yet

September fan we close the ground
Wi' gale force winds a' around
Spike the wicket, store the nets
We're nae oot o' winter yet

October's mellow fruitfulness is gone
Frost freezes on the morning run
Puffing hard and keeping fit
We're nae oot o' winter yet

November storms are record breakin'
Roads are closed an' flu jabs taken
Sortin' oot next season's fixtures
We're nae oot o' winter yet

December with its Christmas cheer
Is mild serene and clear
Just right for a game of cricket
But we're nae oot o' winter yet.

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  1. And I imagine the view looked much the same this morning......