Thursday, 30 June 2011

Poetry in Motion

Fantasy Bob has noted that the e-mails of Sarah Palin have been released into the public domain.  There are over 24,000 pages of this stuff in which the former governor of Alaska answers all kinds of inquiries and worries about her kids and the weather.   24,000 pages!  That is even longer than any of FB's match reports of the all star Carlton 4th XI adventures on the field of play.

FB has not read this cornucopia cover to cover, but a judicious sampling leads him to the conclusion that there is absolutely no reference to cricket.  Whether this sad oversight has implications for Ms Palin's claims to be a fit and proper candidate for the Presidency of the USA CC, is a matter on which FB's readers must reach their own view.

The selected poems of Sarah Palin
Readers approaching Ms Palin's output might be fearful that it will be prose of the most leaden and functional kind.  They need not fear.  Apparently it is hugely poetic and a volume of poems extracted from the material is now available. 

This is a bit of a party trick - now that poetry doesn't require regular metre and rhyme any line of prose can be chopped up and presented as found poetry.  FB's own witterings are poetry enough already - nonsense poetry of course - but here is a poem hidden in the Laws of Cricket - Law 29 in fact.  It seems to sum up the loneliness of contemporary existence in a way not known in literature since the death of Samuel Beckett.

If only

batsman is

a ground it is
his ground
it remains

his ground

if he is later

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