Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rain stopped play

Fantasy Bob reads that since 1960 there have been over 5000 albums which contain at least one song with the word rain in the title.  Remarkably few of these songs have been penned by cricketers stuck in the pavilion watching the downpour, taking tea early, trying to dry gear on the only radiator (which isn't even switched on), taking fields of mud out of spikes, trying to read the mess of splattered inkblots that the scorebook has become or just doing what cricketers are best at - talking about what might have been. 

The imagery of the rain in popular songs is, for the most part, pretty conventional - it reflects the tears of heartache and unrequited love, or it cleanses all around and offers hope once the rain clears.  But very few of these songs refer to the struggle to get the wicket covered before puddles form or the challenge of finding sawdust once the shower is over.  More's the pity.

Here is FB's First XI of rain songs (not in batting order):
It's raining again  - Supertramp
Rain - Beatles
It's raining in my heart - Buddy Holly
Rain on the roof - Loving Spoonful
Blue eyes crying in the rain - Willie Nelson
Flowers never bend with the rainfall - Paul Simon
A hard rain's a gonna fall - Bob Dylan
Here comes the rain again - Eurythmics
Might as well rain until September - Carole King
In the early morning rain - Gordon Lightfoot
Somewhere over the rainbow - Judy Garland
But the 12th Man is the truly wonderful Down came the rain.  Put the umbrella up and enjoy.

Walking in the rain with the one I love............

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