Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Not a gay girl blogger

Fantasy Bob is glad that the truth has been revealed.  Speculation had been mounting that he was the Gay Girl Blogger in Damascus.  

The Gay Girl in Damascus blog had gained celebrity status since it began in February, depicting, so it seemed, the struggle of one dissident against the oppressive regime in Syria.  Diplomats the world over; foreign correspondents of the international media, scrutinised the postings for evidence of the security situation in that unhappy and increasingly volatile country.  And a fortnight or so ago came a dramatic posting from a cousin of the blogger that she had been kidnapped by the security forces.  Its true author has now confessed - identifying himself as a 40 year old American student in Edinburgh, whose knowledge of Syria was gained from the newspapers.

Although FB is flattered by any attention, he does not understand the worldwide speculation that he might have been the Gay Girl Blogger - for one thing the blog contained no references to cricket or the deeds of the all star Carlton 4th XI in its postings.  There were only fleeting references to biscuits. Sure signs that FB was not your man, or girl as the case may be.

However Fantasy Bob would like to assure his readers, those 3 loyal persons, that he is the real Fantasy Bob - the photograph has not been stolen from some unsuspecting person's facebook page.  This blog has not been made up by some clever dick 40 year old student in Syria hoping to reveal the oppression of cricketers in Scotland (although FB fully agrees that cricketers are oppressed in this football obsessed state and are near rising in rebellion against the cruel regime of the Old Firm).   It will be hard for the world's media, but they have to face the fact - Fantasy Bob is real.  You just couldn't make him up.

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