Saturday, 25 June 2011

Olympic Triumph

Households the length and breadth of Britain woke up earlier this week to triumph or disaster.  The first allocation of tickets for the 2012 Olympics was made.  Screams of excitement and wails of disappointment rent the air in all communities as the outcome of the bidding process became known.

Fantasy Bob is pleased to report his complete success.  He is one of the lucky few to get every ticket he bid for.

He bid for none, and, to his great relief, that is exactly what he has got - none.

FB is aware of his great good fortune.  There are some people who expected nothing but who have ended up with a stadium full of tickets for completely useless events like Icelandic Synchronised Hockey, or Peruvian Llama Dressage.  Journalists habitually call tickets briefs - presumably because most of the events are pants.  Particularly beach volleyball - which has rules about pants being brief.

FB looks forward to the next round of bidding when he hopes for similar success.

Usain Bolt - one of the stars who will miss out in FB's absence

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