Sunday, 19 June 2011


 The 3 long standing readers of Fantasy Bob's Witterings will be familiar with his uncanny knowledge of the works of JK Rowling, author of such classics of children's literature as Haris Aslam and the Philosopher's Biscuit.  As a critic said recently remarking on FB's skill, 'It's miraculous - this level of ignorance makes you think he has never read the books.'

It is therefore natural that the world of Rowling fans, which numbers slightly more than FB's handful of loyal supporters, should turn to him for elucidation.  There is anxious mystification among them after the launch of JK Rowling's new website, called Pottermore.  Nothing is known about this project beyond the name and logo.   FB understands that there are many rumours.  Some think it's a new book involving, others that it's the long-promised Potter encyclopaedia or an interactive gaming site.  The more world weary say that it is just a PR stunt ahead of the release of the final Harry Potter film in July.  There are fewer suggestions that the website is devoted to encouraging more senior wizards or muggles alike to spend more time in the garden shed.

Laurie Potter - hero of new website
The truth will be revealed onThursday 23 June but FB can confidently reveal that none of these conjectures is correct.  Ms Rowling is greatly concerned that FB will shortly steal her pre-eminent place as Scotland's premier literary achiever.  She has noted that her own works are defective in being empty of the cricket references that have brought FB his adoring following.  Her new website is a desperate but clumsy attempt to out-FB FB. Ms Rowling has conceived her new website as an extended tribute to former Leicestershire all rounder Laurie Potter who retired from First Class Cricket in 1993 as both knees buckled under the strain.  He came out of retirement to play in club cricket last year.   Why should JK Rowling venerate this county player and set a new series of adventures around him - Laurie Potter and The Deathly Marshmallows?  To which FB responds, well why not?  He admires JK's game attempt to knock him off his pedestal, but he remains confident that readers will continue to find his offerings superior to those of Ms Rowling.

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