Saturday, 17 March 2012


Fraggle in full flow - v Namibia October 2011
Fantasy Bob joined in the world wide celebration yesterday as ever popular skipper of go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton Fraser Watts played his 195th match for Scotland, so becoming the most capped Scottish player of all time.  Many congratulations.  He can be justifiably proud of his achievement and FB hopes that he makes many more appearances.

No challenge is too great for Fraggle.  He has even attempted to improve Fantasy Bob's batting.  This is a task that has defeated  all who have attempted it, but Fraggle was undaunted.  Having lobbed a few deliveries in the nets for FB to swish at, he stepped down the track to proffer a bit of advice.

'Hey FB, try to watch the ball all the way down the wicket - you stop watching it half way down.'

This was news to FB.  He was surprised to learn that he only watched it only half way down.  He thought he closed his eyes at the bowler's release.  He had practised this for many years, it took him several years to get both eyes closing together.  For a couple of years bowlers used to wonder why FB kept winking at them on their follow through.  But evidently what FB does and what he thinks he does are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Now he has a wholly different discipline to master.  Coaching fads just come and go.

FB has therefore been assiduously trying to watch the ball all the way down.  So transfixed by the ball, and his scrutiny of it, has he become that he regularly forgets that he should attempt to hit it until it is too late.   He watches it all the way onto the stumps. Can FB master the coordination of these skills by the start of the season and become Fraggle's star pupil?  It could be a close run thing.

Well done Fraggle. There is no end to the man's talents for he has been presenting an excellent blog reports from Scotland's winter tour featured on the Carlton website.

FB would like publicly to apologise for the following scurrilous pieces on this blog which show a distinct lack of respect for Scotland's most capped player.

The Mystery of Fraggle's Trousers

Medical Bulletin

The Surreal

Come on Scotland.

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