Saturday, 31 March 2012


Unless the scorers have missed some signals from the umpires, this is Fantasy Bob's 600th posting.

There are no special prizes, for 600 has no special properties as a number.  Mathematicians say that it is an apologetic number.  Teams that score 600 tend not to lose matches.  No batsman has scored 600 in an innings in First Class cricket.  Only 3 bowlers have more than 600 wickets in Tests - Murali (800), Warne (708) and Kumble (619).  There doesn't seem too much there to apologise about.

Would give
anything for an empire biscuit
600 is also said to be the number of calories that Angelina Jolie eats in a day.  She says she is often so busy she forgets to eat.  FB is the same - he eats to forget that he should be busy.  But Angelina doesn't have to write trivial blog postings and may never have encountered an empire biscuit.  An empire biscuit could change her life forever.

FB has of course left the country temporarily, just in case his angry readership beat a path to his door in a concerted effort to get him to stop these postings.   From a distance he can indulge himself by offering a selection of his favourite postings in each of his previous centuries.

1-100 - how FB came to cricket
101-200 - Raymond Chandler's undiscovered cricket thriller
201-300 - On the moral philosophy of walking or not walking
301-400 - weather can play havoc with cricket fixtures, FB has some weather advice
401-500 - all about the Scottish cricketer's Halloween
501-600 - something new from Lewis Carroll

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