Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Come on Scotland (2)

Man of the Match -
 Calum MacLeod -
55 from  35 balls
A fine start to the ICC T20 qualification competition for Scotland, beating Kenya by 14 runs in a hard fought contest.  Some good innings and tight bowling at the end.  And some good fielding too, with Richie Berrington getting three run outs.

Having a job of work to go to during the day, where the computer system is festooned with firewalls, suppressors and all manner of techno stuff to prevent the wage slaves watch YouTube all day, Fantasy Bob was unable to watch the live feed on the CricketScotland website.

While he is disappointed, perhaps this is just as well - for he is sure that there would have been an electro-magnetic transfer from his desk to Dubai of the hex he usually puts on Scotland's efforts at any sporting endeavour.

The FB Hex -
 recently mistaken for solar activity
The FB Hex has long been recognised as one of the strongest electro-magnetic forces known to scientists.  It seems to peak annually during the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament.

There have been recent reports in the press about the impact of solar weather on the earth's electro-magnetic environment.  Some air line flights were routed away from polar regions last week just in case.  FB suspects that scientists have got this badly wrong - the sun is behaving itself as per normal.  It is the seasonal high of FB Hex that the monitoring equipment is picking up.  FB hopes that CricketScotland have taken this into account and have ensured that future streamings are sufficiently protected by a firewall with sufficient strength to overcome this phenomenon so that Drummo and his players can go bout their business un-hexed.

Now for Namibia - surprise conquerors of Ireland in the first round.  Come on Scotland!

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