Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spiritual News

Set to replace
Andy Robinson?
Brought up as he was in the more open structures of the Church of Scotland, Fantasy Bob has never really been sure about what Bishops are for.  He understands that they can move diagonally in either direction, but that is about it.  He assumes that Archbishops can move in the same manner, only more archly.  He has noted that the decision by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to resign from moving diagonally has had major repercussions.

Indeed FB is astounded at the impact of the Archbishop's resignation on the Scottish Rugby Team.  They duly won the coveted wooden spoon in Rome yesterday afternoon.  Just a few short weeks ago FB and several other Scottish rugby supporters looked forward to this year's 6 Nations' Tournament quietly confident that Scotland might do something this year.  Even after the first 2 defeats he thought there was some progress.  If not moving forward, they were at least moving diagonally, Archbishop-like. This hope collapsed last week and was shredded in Rome.  There was no movement diagonal or otherwise.

A very poor Scotland showing made them worthy winners of the spoon.  At least this trophy is useful for stirring the soup and porridge.  Unlike a pretty useless oversized silver cup which is only useful for putting on the shelf and attracting dust.

Has the Archbishop's resignation taken the wind out of Scotland's sails?  Perhaps he has resigned to take over from Andy Robinson?

The resignation also knocked the spirit out of the Irish who also put on a poor display as they were thrashed at Twickenham.

Does this spiritual turbulence have any bearing on the highly important clash between Scotland and Ireland in the T20 World Cup qualifier today?  Who knows?  Certainly not Fantasy Bob.  But it is a vital match for both sides, both having unexpectedly lost to Namibia.  A slip up here could be expensive. The match will be  a close call.  If Scotland play to their potential they will win. So come on Scotland.  The Archbishop is with you.


  1. Perhaps a better starting-point for the Scotland Rugby Squad would be to aim straight for the wooden spoon next year. This would have the advantage of holding immediate prospects of success, which the Scottish Government would no doubt use in their campaign for independence. Bishops are supposed to provide leadership, something rather lacking in both the rugby and football fields of Scotland (the demise of Rangers springs to mind - we await the Blue Knights with interest but knights,unlike bishops, move in a somewhat circuitous manner).
    Let's hope the cricketers can do better and make us all proud.