Saturday, 24 March 2012

Looking for Clues

Fantasy Bob stimulates his few remaining brain cells through a mild addiction to crossword puzzles. This is a sadly abused activity – already he senses his worldwide audience conjuring up a mental picture of a cardigan with leather patches, slippers and a well sucked pencil. But FB assures his readers that crosswords are a young person’s sport. Indeed the sport will become the epitome of chic once following the imminent launch of a new range of crossword performance gear specially designed by Stella McCartney.

FB mentions this because earlier this week the Guardian crossword intersected with FB’s other preoccupation. Here are the clues. FB hopes is sure the intellectually powerful cohort that is his worldwide readership will work them out easily – even though he accepts it is more difficult without the grid and the other clues which give some letters.  The answers link to the first answer - get that and you're laughing.   Enjoy.

10;24 Athletics camp set out in sports programme (4,5;7)

He’s spoken on 10 24 in vehicle, stifling an expression of disgust (7)

One on 10 24 sends lad to bed before time (7)

England’s former 10 participant reportedly in a tangle (4)

Character that may show the score in 10 (4)

Leaders may be called ahead of the 10 (5) 

Man on 10 24 given Kent inn’s jar, I’m drunk (6,7)

Revolutionary said to be stalwart of 10 24 (5)

Party with old 10 participant tucking into what they eat on 10 24? (8)

After embrace the man’s someone speaking on 10 24 (6)

Name given to fellow who’s heard on 10 24 (4)

Composer not right first to last as contributor to 10 24 (5)

One of four in 10 to provide surety (4)

(FB will post the answers as a comment in a day or two). 

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