Friday, 30 March 2012

The Carlton Tango

Toby Bailey 
Fantasy Bob leads the welcome for Toby Bailey who takes up position as Head Coach to Edinburgh's go ahead cricket club Carlton for the new season.

Toby has come from Northamptonshire via his more recent assignment coaching the Argentina national squad in their quest to rise up the World Cricket hierarchy.  FB does not know whether it was made clear to Toby that one of the challenges of the Head Coach position at Grange Loan is having to address the tragedy that is Fantasy Bob's batting.  This will be a stern test.

Carlton net practice 2012 style
Argentina is of course the home of the tango and FB is confident that Toby will have absorbed all there is to know about the form. Might the tango be the secret key to meeting FB's batting limitations?  Will the nifty footwork of the sensual dance cure his tendency to play around his front pad? For the tango might be in his blood.  FB recalls attending a superb concert a number of years ago in which the Scottish Ensemble played Vivaldi's Four Seasons alongside Piazzolla's Four Seasons.  Astor Piazzolla is the great tango composer - and fine though Vivaldi's effort is, to FB's ears it was blown away by the tangos.   Try this version of Spring.

FB looks forward to working with Toby and awaits instructions as to whether he should bring a rose to hold between his teeth while at the crease.  The new season is full of hope.

Astor Piazzolla

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