Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Closing Ceremony

Fantasy Bob has noted that commentators are divided on the spectacular closing ceremony that took place on Sunday.

Some wonder whether it was necessary to mark the end of Kevin Pietersen's Test career with such an extended presentation in which much of the content bore little apparent relation to any of his major innings.  Others thought that the confusion, the endless noise and the taking itself a bit too seriously evident throughout the show, was a fitting tribute to the troubled star batsman.  Some others said it was all just banter and wondered what the fuss was about.

Some parts of the show were beyond explanation.  The performers strutted their stuff on a floor decorated with words.  FB assumes that some of these were selected from Pietersen's calamitous text messages, but there was no confirmation from any S African source on this.

For Fantasy Bob, the show peaked at Ray Davies' performance of Waterloo Sunset, presumably reminding KP that he seems to have reached his Waterloo; and then briefly again with Eric Idle encouraging Pietersen to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life; before reaching its cacophonous climax in a series of fireworks which reverse swept their way round the stadium.   By contrast, for the Spice Girls to regale KP by asking him What He Really Wants, just seemed cruel.  But a wider sadistic streak was not far from the surface when Russell Brand appeared for no good reason.  However spectators sighed with relief - it could have been Piers Morgan.

So after 2 momentous weeks of interviews, texts, YouTube presentations and a monumental innings at Headingley, the circus is over.  It is up to others now to ensure that the legacy is fulfilled.

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