Friday, 1 July 2011

ICC Triumph - Feckers no more

FB's eavesdropping device is well hidden
Fantasy Bob's vast electronic news gathering thing has been at it again.  Readers may recall how FB was able to bring an exclusive transcript of the infamous ICC meeting in April which sought to limit the competitors in the 2015 cricket world cup to the 10 Test playing nations.  This proved one of the less well regarded decisions of this body particularly among the associate and affiliate nations who were thus excluded.

The ICC met again earlier this week to review this decision.  FB's eavesdropping service sprang into action once more.

Gentlemen, there is one last item on the agenda before dinner followed by the Poonam Pandey motivational floor show.

Excited cries and applause are heard in the background.

Gentlemen. Please. Ms Pandey is coming for strictly educational and sports development reasons.  We need to assess whether the ODI rules need to be changed to ensure that all teams get a celebrated model to strip off for them.  India may have had an unfair advantage at the World Cup Final - this would make future contests fair.  And it is important that we get an eyeful....sorry a full scientific evaluation of the impact.

Hear hear -

But first we have the minor matter of the 2015 World Cup to sort out.

We did that already - India will play Australia.

No we tried that one but not everyone liked it.

Who didn't? 

Cries of 'Not me.' and 'When is Poonam coming.' 

The associates didn't.


You know - the countries we're trying to get to play better cricket.

Whose idea was that?

Cries of 'Not mine.' and 'Is it time for Poonam yet?.'

These countries say that they need the prospect of the world cup to improve.

What rubbish - playing in the World Cup never improved us.

Speak for yourself Englishman.

They want to play Australia.

So do we - they're rubbish now.

We should let the Irish play.


'Cos that big chap with the red hair I met last night said he'd break my legs if we don't.

Good point -  who else?


There is silence a gentle rustling of papers.  Suddenly music is heard and cries of 'It's her - here she is.'  'Poonam over here Babe.' and similar sometimes lewd cries.

FB infers that, as the music got louder and the cries more raucous, the meeting adjourned.  It seems that the 14 team format has been restored for 2015 but a future meeting will resolve how to identify the contestants.  He does not know if Ms Pandey will have any influence on this issue but he will post another picture of her here just in case it helps press Scotland's case.

Poonam Panday - posted only to support Scotland's World Cup campaign

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