Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hammer of the Scots
There must be an inquiry.  It was a strategic failure of a kind not seen since Flodden in 1513.  To arrange for uninterrupted sunshine for Scotland's match against Sri Lanka yesterday may have made commercial sense, but sporting sense?  Is it possible that misbehaviour in News International could have been at the root of it.  Where was Rebecca Brooks when the sun came out?  The public must be given the full facts. 

A damp day with a biting wind off the North Sea might have slowed Malinga down a bit, his dodgy knees would have creaked, he would have been dispirited - but put the sun on his back and he was a destructive force.  It was a privilege to watch him destroy the Flower of Scotland.  Uncomfortable and a reminder of how steep is the hill that the associates have to climb - but a rare privilege none the less.

Scotland's batsmen can comfort their bruised egos and toes by recognising that they are not the first to have suffered from his precision bombing of their toes.  Although Malinga's appearances will be more restricted than in the past as he limits the amount of cricket he plays, they are unlikely to be the last.  If Test players from the top nations struggle to deal with Malinga's low trajectory, swing and extreme pace when they have faced him several times, what are the prospects for players facing him for the first time? 

Fantasy Bob is grateful every day for many blessings.  To those he now adds that he has never had to go out to bat against Lasith Malinga.  With any luck he never will.

Now about that inquiry............

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