Thursday, 7 July 2011


Fantasy Bob notes that the flame-haired skipper of the NOTW CC is in a spot of bother.  Apparently the team's bowlers have been accused of ball tampering, and a number have acknowledged that this happened in several celebrated matches whose results were directly affected. They have said that the skipper put undue pressure on them to get wickets and wasn't too fussy about how they came about.  The skipper herself meantime has defended herself, denying all knowledge of what was happening at the other end while she herself was standing at slip.  She forcefully e-mailed the rest of the team telling them that it is inconceivable that she knew or condoned this conduct.   Cricketers everywhere seem sceptical of this assertion.

FB is disgusted that there could ever be grounds for suspicion that a skipper of such a prominent club could behave in such a way.  He has noted with disappointment that under this skipper's leadership the team has gained a reputation for failing to walk when they are knowingly caught behind.  They are renowned for sledging opposition players in the most direct and personally damaging manner.  On occasion they have been observed to stand on the wicket after the fall of a wicket allowoing their spikes to rough the surface up a bit.  Nothing would seem to be beyond her and the club's committee's disregard for the spirit of cricket.  For FB it is a matter of extreme regret that the game is brought into disrepute in this way.  He yearns for times when things were honourable and the game was played in a spirit of good humour and sportsmanship.  It is clubs like NOTW CC who have reduced the game to the snarling, cynical, destructive force it has become.  All cricketers are thus impoverished in spirit.

It is time to take action.  FB has never played against the NOTW CC, but he has occasionally played against its sister clubs (one of whom used to be the premier 3 day club in the country but is now also sadly reduced to little more than another T20 side).  FB will refuse all future fixtures with these clubs.  He is sure all true cricketers will do the same.  That should tell those who have brought about this lamentable state of affairs the difference between inconceivable and inexcusable.

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