Friday, 15 July 2011


Lost tosses
There must be a place where they all collect.  Where none of them feel rejected any more.  Where they can put their shattered lives together again.  Where they can gather strength from one another and face the world.  Where is this place?  Where do all the lost tosses go?

The won tosses are carefully packed up and kept in pockets or pouches in the skipper's kitbag.  They are brought out and celebrated.  But the lost tosses are discarded, forgotten, thrown away.  Once a toss is lost, can it ever be found?

Biologists have long been fascinated by the life cycle of the toss, but they have yet to come up with the full explanation.  Perhaps they swim back to the burn they were born in and having got there match up and in a miracle of rebirth begin their long journey all over again.  Whole again they find their way to a cricket ground and the cycle begins again.  This is one of the more plausible theories.

But astronomers have an alternative view from their observations of the heavenly bodies.  Perhaps they escape the earth's atmosphere and circle in orbit as space dust occasionally observed from space craft but unrecognised.  It is one of the failures of NASA not to have captured one and brought it back to earth for scientific examination.
Perhaps like the lost boys in Peter Pan they end up in Neverland where they play from dawn till dusk always wistful for the parents they have left behind and always fearful of Captain Hook.  Evidence for this theory has been hard to find.

It is clear though that lost tosses are not handed into the lost property department.  FB has been there several times, looking amongst other things for the hope and inspiration he has lost at various times.  He has failed to see a lost toss in amongst the pile of umbrellas and gloves.

So where do all the lost tosses go?

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