Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting ahead

Fantasy Bob is on a totally undeserved holiday far from the eyes of the paparazzi who continually hound him.  However in case you are lonely in his absence he has fed the bowling machine with some highlights trawled from YouTube.

As Fantasy Bob has posted before there are 11 ways for a batsman to get out in cricket.  But within each method there is an infinity of form, where fortune turns her smiling face into a scowl and mocks you as you make your way from the middle.  FB has had his fair share of these with the ball cannoning between bat, pad, and lots of other things before gently nudging a bail off.  Or being run out without facing following an imaginative call from person instantly nominating himself as a former friend at the opposite end.  He has not so far been caught after blasting the ball against a close fielder’s foot for it to lob up into the hands of another fielder.  Nor has been caught as the ball lodged in the pocket of a fielder.  No doubt this has yet to come.

And because he is of the generation that preceded the wearing of helmets, he has not been dismissed in this bizarre fashion.  Alas KP.

Back at the crease soon.

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