Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Fantasy Bob is disturbed to hear that 2 paintings by Nicolas Poussin in the National Gallery in London have been vandalised.

Adoration of the Golden Claf by Nicolas Poussin
 Reports coming to FB do not reveal the reason for this act of vandalism - as if there could ever be a reason that would make sense?  However FB notes that one of the paintings was Poussin's Adoration of the Golden Calf.  Art historians have not previously considered that cricket featured significantly in the works of Poussain.  In their defence historians say that the fact that he was French and worked in the 17th Century suggest that he had little familiarity with the game.   This is pretty thin reasoning particularly when confronted with the Adoration of the Golden Calf.  Conventional suggestions suggest that this painting depicts the well known Biblical scene when Moses finds the Israelites wildly worshipping the golden calf in his absence.

But to anyone with cricketing knowledge, such as FB, the meaning is clear.  Moses returns from net practice to find the Israelites CC enthusing wildly about T20 and the IPL.  Drink has been taken and Dilshan scoops practised. Moses is beside himself with rage, having just received from the Lord the rules for the coming Test series in Jericho.  T20, he points out, is a false idol.  Extra net practice is prescribed as a punishment.

FB therefore deduces that the defacer of this fine painting is a misguided fan of T20 for whom the potency of Poussin's message suddenly turned the balance of his mind.

For those who wish to see more of Poussin's cricket inspired works there is a fine series in the National Gallery of Scotland depicting the sacraments of a Test series.

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