Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lark Rise to Kabul

Fantasy Bob interrupts his normal service to remind his faithful readers that there is a glut of cricket related programmes on the BBC, of all places, in the next couple of days.  (He apologises to readers who do not have access to the BBC - they will find this post even more boring than the usual nonsense)

This evening's (6 Feb) episode of Lark Rise to Candleford features a story involving a cricket match.  The blurb says that Daniel (whoever he is) is planning a cricket match against a neighbouring village team and is having difficulty raising a team.  Well, we've all been there - so this promises to be realist drama at is grainiest.  Apparently he is tempted to field a ringer who just happens to be female.  Cue lots of gasps, falling over backwards and moustache twitching.  It is difficult enough for actors of the male persuasion to look athletic when asked to for dramatic purposes, let's hope the ringeress is more convincing.   Unmissable?  (BBC 1 - 8.00pm).

A green wicket in Afghanistan
Tomorrow BBC4 (7 Feb) will show the film about Afghan cricket, Out of the Ashes.  (BBC 4 - 10.00pm).  Painful viewing in Scotland since it was Afghanistan who beat Scotland in December's ICC trophy final.   FB is sure that his loyal supporter Eh? (see comment on this previous post) will be glued to set.  Here is a review of the film for those who are not so sure.

Fantasy Bob is still trying to understand the rationale in the programmers' minds as they follow that film with a repeat of the Hanse Cronje Story.  No doubt some kind of reference to the spot betting drama that is unfolding at present.  A poor effort.

So far there is no sign of these items being preceded by the dreadful words 'Except for viewers in Scotland............'


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