Monday, 28 February 2011

Regime change

Regime change can be one of these tricky subjects, rather like facing leg spin bowling.  Get the feet in the wrong place and things become more difficult than they should. Fantasy Bob notices that there is quite a lot of it going on at the moment.  Libyan cricketers seem to have come to the conclusion that their long serving captain may not be the player that he cracked himself up to be.  Indeed, they seem to think that the self-proclaimed King of Kings of Africa may not be a cricketer at all after recent evidence of his proclivity for bowling head high beamers at his own chaps in the nets.  The search is on for a new skipper.

The UN Security Council
consider the Fantasy Bob problem
In calmer circumstances Fantasy Bob can report further evidence of the world turned on its head.  He breaks the news blackout imposed by the revolutionary junta at Carlton cricket club to report his own appointment  to the post of Supreme Commander of the Glorious People's 4th XI.  FB was elected by proclamation, declamation and acclamation, and a spokesman for the go-ahead Edinburgh club revealed 'We had to weigh the votes'.  He did not explain why a vote was necessary since there was no other candidate.  FB has made it clear that this is the only job in world cricket that he would take.  Every one else made it clear that it was the only job in world cricket that anyone would in their right mind offer him.

FB has over recent seasons masterminded many of the Carlton 4's more momentous victories against the reactionary forces of darkness and repression - and Holy Cross 3.  He has carefully crafted the on field action to fit his pre-written match reports.   But he has operated from a position behind the throne.  Now he can come out of the toilet and he will be able to practice his tossing openly.

FB also issued a communique to all his followers calling on them to focus on the quality of biscuits and cake at teas in the coming season.  He said he looked forward to discussing this important issue with President Obama and other world leaders.

More seriously, FB invites all his readers to support in whatever way appropriate the ordinary cricketers of Libya in their time of desperate need.  They have done nothing to deserve their fate.


  1. hi, nice to meet you at last. btw have you seen the large collection of cricket books in the Oxfam bookshop on Morningside Road?-both in the window and at the back. Some excellent stuff-I'd buy quite a few if the cash flow was a bit healthier.

  2. Thanks - yes FB has seen the prize window display - it deserves a prize.