Thursday, 3 February 2011

FB is flattered

Chris Woakes - a rapid rise
Fantasy Bob acknowledges that until very recently he was only dimly aware that there was someone called Chris Woakes, far less a cricketer of merit.  He accepts that this is a shocking admission and apologises to all 3 of his readers but also to Chris and his parents Mr and Mrs Woakes of Walsall for this oversight.  However Mr and Mrs Woakes can rest easy since Chris is now firmly lodged in FB's grey matter following his rapid rise and emergence into the blinding daylight of international cricket during the present ODI series in Australia.  

Chris stated his arrival in the first T20 testing the cliche writers to distraction by keeping his cool to show nerves of steel to guide England to an unlikely victory with a sensational last ball strike in the furnace of the Adelaide Oval.  He followed that up by taking a very tidy 6 for 45 in the Brisbane ODI - which England lost following another disappointing batting performance.   Chris has not been selected for the World Cup squad but with England's bowling resources looking under strain with a series of post Ashes injuries, he may well yet feature. 

But what has come to FB's attention is that among all the nonsense that is in the Tweetosphere, Chris Woakes is reported as saying that the person he most wishes to meet is Isaac Newton.  FB has checked whether there is a cricket coach of that name or a rap artist of that name.  There is not.  He cannot dismiss the possibility that Chris may be referring to the man who has just moved next door to him but who he hasn't managed to welcome to the neighbourhood on account of being in Australia, but if that is not the case then FB concludes that Chris refers to Sir Isaac Newton, physicist, mathematician and astronomer. 

Chris may be frustrated in his ambition - a meeting is unlikely to take place since Newton died in 1727.  But FB wondered exactly what stimulated the young man's interest.  What issues of common interest might there be between the two?  He could not find any reference in the CricInfo portrait of Woakes of any prior interest in quantum mechanics. 

Then Fantasy Bob recalled his own role in this mystery.  In his own post on this very blog on Christmas Day, he himself reported on the great physicist.  FB mentioned that Newton discovered the laws of reverse swing.  Obvioulsy, it is this that the young Woakes has lighted upon and he is duly looking for enlightenment on reverse swing.  FB is truly flattered.  He wishes Chris Woakes every success in his future career.

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