Saturday, 12 February 2011

6 nations musings part 2

Fantasy Bob has discovered many times the truth of Tammy Wynette's torch song:
Sometimes it's hard to be a Scotsman, putting all your faith in fifteen men...................
Being at Murrayfield today was one of the hardest of the hard.  Seasoned supporters know that it is more than dangerous to approach the stadium with a faint stride of confidence, but we still fall for it.  3 minutes into the game it had gone, as Scotland lost the ball and Wales swept forward.  Already Tammy was exhorting us
Stand by your team, give them 2 arms to cling to,
cos their own arms are going to drop the ball.................
Despair took its familiar seat beside us, as Scotland's ineptitude saw them go 16-0 down in the first quarter.  Perhaps we got nothing in that period from a referee who has been hard on us in the past, but even he felt some pity and reduced Wales to 13 men to even things up a bit.  Even then, the possibility of scoring a try seemed remote.  Can we really have used our season's ration of tries up in Paris last week?   FB is trying hard, but he cannot find a positive to wring out of the afternoon.   In cricketing terms, all our batters swung round straight ones, all our bowlers bowled half trackers and half volleys, all our fielders put down every chance.

Earlier this week, Andy Robinson commited himself to Scotland's cause until 2015.  Looks like he's still got a lot of work to do.  Perhaps he should play Tammy Wynette in the next match.  Could she do worse?

Wynette -
set for the front row in Scotland's next match

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