Friday, 28 January 2011

The Oscars

Fantasy Bob can hardly contain his excitement.  The Academy Award nominations have been published this week.  FB is a lapsed film buff so has actually seen none of these films.  But he understands that the films on this year's list, most unusually for Tinseltown, all have some cricketing importance.  So he'd better get along to the cinema (that's an old fashioned term for multi-plex).
Here is FB's guide to the contenders.  

  • Black Swan - a psychological thriller about a spin bowler and the new England ODI kit
  • The Fighter – a sporting biopic that follows Jimmy Anderson as he prepares to square up to Mitchell Johnson during the Perth Test
  • Inception – very smart, very slick, a complicated plot, yadda, yadda - how to steal bowling plans from the unconscious mind of an opposing captain
  • The Kids Are All Right - a family friendly film about Carlton's junior section 
  • The King's Speech – based on the  difficulty West Indian great Collis King faced in preparing to give the after dinner speech following his match winning World Cup final innings in 1979 
  • 127 Hours – a harrowing account of one of Chris Tavare's shorter innings
  • The Social Network – a social and cricketing indequate finds a role and fulfilment in inflicting on the world a nonsensical cricket blog
  • Toy Story 3 - how the poor form of batsman Tony O’Ystory and his confidence sapping run of low scores, 1, 2 and 3, gets him very animated
  • True Grit - a tribute to one eyed cricketers Colin Milburn and Nawab of Pataudi
  • Winter's Bone – a film about wicket preparation in cold climates – summer is bone dry but winter is bone hard.
................just a dream.  But wouldn't it be good if there was just one film about cricket, or with cricket in it, which could be a real contender?


  1. Cher Bobski

    Wasn't there a movie about kids in Afghanistan playing cricket as the war rumbled round about them?

  2. Dear eh? Many thanks. FB thinks you are referring to Out of the Ashes a documentary about the Afghan cricket team. Sadly the Academy did not see fit to nominate this film - it would have been a first for a cricket film. But painful for Scotland since Afghanistan has beaten us several times in recent years.