Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Export of Scotland comment

Some of Fantasy Bob's readers may be wondering how the recent posting Export of Scotland has escaped the attention of serial commenter and cricket encyclopaedia Iain.  Could it be that FB has finally achieved perfect marks?  Of course not, don't be silly.  Iain is sunning himself in some fleshpot evidently ruled by a despot since it suppresses comment.  However he has smuggled the following bulletin to FB which in a true spirit of revolutionary fervour he shares with you now:
Other Scots who started in Scottish Club Cricket and played for counties were T B (Terry) Racionzer (Sussex) and W D F (Bill) Dow (Essex), both originally of Clydesdale. Neither had particularly great (or long) county careers and both returned to play in Scotland. And Jimmy Allan played for both Warwickshire and Kent. Magnus tells me that he played the odd game with or against all 3.

On a point of clarification, Alastair Storie was born in Scotland but emigrated to South Africa with his dad (Hank) before he started playing.
FB wishes Iain a happy holiday.

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