Friday, 4 February 2011

Celebrity Guests

Fantasy Bob understands that Carlton cricket club are taking a leaf out of the books of the Archers and Eastenders.  An episode of Eastenders recently featured the Mayor of London Boris Johnston promoting the delights of traditional London pubs.  A forthcoming episode of the Archers will feature Camilla Parker-Bowles, known familiarly as the Duchess of Cornwall, promoting a bone disease charity of which she is Patron.

Celebrity tea lady
Merkel promises treats
A source close to the go ahead  Edinburgh club told Fantasy Bob, 'An exciting list of celebs has been approached to do the teas during 4th XI matches.  Since many of the team's players are a complete mystery it seemed right to have mystery guests.  So far we've invited the Queen, Angela Merkel, Madonna, Sir Elton John (and baby), Cameron Diaz, Lady GaGa, Glen Close, Glen Campbell, and Glen Morangie.  As yet we have had no rejections.   This is a good sign.  No acceptances either, but it's early days.' 

The source told FB that if this initiative works as well as the management think it will, they'll definitely consider similar attractions for 1st XI games.   But the First XI shouldn't feel they are missing out.  For, in a tradition borrowed from baseball, Carlton have invited President Obama to bowl the first ball of the new season in front of Grange Loan's capacity crowd.  A response is expected daily.

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