Sunday, 27 February 2011

6 nations musing part 3

Fantasy Bob is declining extended comment on this afternoon's misadventure at Murrayfield. 

Fantasy Bob doesn't understand how much longer rugby can go on with the scrum the shambles it is.  Referees obviously have no idea what to do - and FB has sympathy for them.  Why not just abandon any rules (other than 3 on 3 in the front row) and let it happen.  Even though self regulation didn't work for the financial sector, it could just be the thing here.  At least it couldn't make it worse.  Oh and scrum halves could put the ball in straight.

Have Scotland created a record in Sean Lamont being the first player ever to play at inside centre without ever passing the ball once?  It fair makes you proud to be Scottish.

Who is looking forward to Twickers?


  1. I can't remember the last time I saw a scrum half put the ball in straight. And can anyone actually explain the rules of a loose scrum? Penalties seem to be give for just about anything these days.

  2. Silly Point - many thanks - FB welcomes to his humble blog members of the IRB such as you.