Saturday, 24 December 2011


Recycling is for Fantasy Bob.  As his world wide readership will have noticed, all the jokes he uses are recycled - frequently many times.

In Fantasy Bob's office where allegations are made that he works, the custom at Christmas is for a Freecycling Santa.  This is a variant on the Secret Santa where presents are bought for colleagues but the giver's identity is withheld.  There is usually much hilarity as these are opened and flimsy underwear and risque dvds are received by the strait-laced and decrepit.

But Freecycle Santa involves the donation of something no longer wanted but which may none the less still be useful to someone.  It too is wholly anonymous but on a lucky dip basis.  This year FB managed to grasp out of the bran tub the greatest hits of Eric Clapton which is good because a starter guitarist like Clapton has much to learn from FB's mastery of the instrument.

But recycling is all the thing - we have made free with the earth's resources for too long.  There are all manner of targets which have led to all manner of rubbish bins in FB's house and an endless agonising over which coloured bin has to be put out on a particular day.  Is it the red bin tomorrow?  He will ask innocently. ' maybe.......'   It reminds FB of batting with an imaginative partner who sees singles where no other player would.  Generally the call should be, 'Wait until we see what the neighbours all do'.  Sound advice when considering any quick single.

But recycling is the thing.  So FB is going to approach the new cricket season with a new greener vision.  His cricket must be sustainable and  recycling has a central role to play.  Rather than reduce the earth's limited resources further by fashioning new runs in every innings (as if), he therefore intends to make use of the runs he scored last season.

He makes a start with this blog posting.  He presents for recycling a Christmas Wittering he posted last year.  It quite amused him last year - he hopes it does the same for any readers this year.

And with that splendid gesture Fantasy Bob wishes comfort and joy to his world wide readership.

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