Saturday, 10 December 2011


There is a chance that Fantasy Bob may have misheard something. But he understands yesterday was a day of huge achievement for Scotland and India.

Hurricane Sehwag hit central Scotland - where hurricanes hardly happen - with winds gusting at over 165mph. Schools were closed and transport and other services disrupted.. A wind turbine went on fire and exploded; another uprooted and collapsed. Hurricane Sehwag was caused by a very low and rapidly deepening low pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean meeting a high pressure area to the south creating a steep pressure gradient.

In Indore - where hurricanes hardly happen - Hurricane Bawbag blasted 219 runs in 46.3 overs, to set a new record for an ODI innings. Hurricane Bawbag was caused by a supreme batsman, on a sublime batting track with a fast but small outfield facing less than penetrating bowling. The hurricane contained 7 sixes and 25 fours in his innings.

(For those wondering which IPL side Bawbag plays for some elucidation can  be found on this link.  Bawbag has yet to be capped at Test level but is one of Scotland's many linguistic gifts to the world.  Scotland's cricketing gifts are fewer in number.)

Both events are described by the Met Office as exceptional but not totally unexpected. They warn Australian emergency services to be on their guard in case of a repeat of Hurricane Bawbag in the coming Test series between Australia and India which starts on Boxing Day. Meanwhile Scotland was told to prepare for more storms as winter's grip tightens.

Fantasy Bob would like to make clear to his worldwide readership that he does not consider that Sehwag is a Bawbag in the Scottish sense of the term. Far from it. FB is merely making a puerile joke and is thoroughly ashamed of himself.

In the meantime, and as a diversionary tactic against Sehwag's angry fans, FB invites his readers' attention to Bob Dylan's song Hurricane.  It describes some real bawbags whose actions led to the racially motivated prosecution of boxer Ruben Carter in 1966.

Perhaps that's enough about hurricanes - it is certainly enough about bawbags.


  1. Excellent FB. Sad to report that Sehwag actually brought down my satellite dish so I couldn't watch the hurricane in action v Windies :-(

  2. FB sorry to hear that your dish got hit - it must have been a powerful and accurate shot.