Thursday, 15 December 2011

Power plays

Skipper and vice-skipper
The skipper of Coalition CC has stressed that his side is as strong and united as ever and working hard in the nets. There have been reports of tension between the skipper and his vice captain following the skipper's loss of the toss at the weekend's vital away match.  The vice skipper has suggested this only happened because the skipper is a useless tosser. 'This is a toss we expected to win,' he said, 'and losing it condemns us to long hours in the field when we should be getting runs on the board.  It is not good news for British batsmen or their families.'

The tension is leading to concerns that Coalition CC might not be able to fulfil its fixtures in the European Cricket League.  Some sides have been critical of Coalition CC's approach to the league, citing continual sledging and CCC's unwillingness to support the communal tea fund which has led to critical shortages of chocolate cake at some recent fixtures.

Meanwhile many of the club's more impassioned supporters have been calling for an alternative fixture list to be drawn up.  They have said that recent attempts by the faceless administrators of the European League to develop new rules on power plays and bowling restrictions will ruin British stroke play.  They demand that Coalition CC should ensure that control of power plays and all matters relating to bowling should return to the club in the national interest.

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