Friday, 9 September 2011

Under the hammer

Mrs FB has just pointed out to Fantasy Bob that Liz Taylor's jewellery collection is about to go on auction at Christie's in New York.

FB was unsure as to exactly what to conclude from this information, far less the slight tremor of excitement in his loved one's voice as she imparted it.  

However he felt bound to offer in exchange, almost in thanks, for her advice, that a very rare full set of Wisden from 1864-2010 is about to go on auction at Lyon and Turnbull in Edinburgh.

He thinks that this exchange may count as a score draw.


  1. Dear Fantasy Bob, quite understand your wittering about a full set of Wisden for sale, but crickey: don't you understand the full implication of a true Peregrina for Mrs FB. I fully sympathise with her and send all my encouragements (written after a large glass of Pomerol) and my love to all. Trisha

  2. Trisha - how anonymous can you be? Mrs FB for the moment has accepted that if FB can do without a fill set of Wisden then she can survive without the Peregrina. She has made clear however that her position is subject to review on a daily basis.