Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Que sera, sera

Doris Day's new album
Fantasy Bob pays tribute to Doris Day who at the youthful age of 87, has become the oldest artist to have an album in the top 10 featuring original material.   Good on you Doris knocking all the Gangsta Rap performers off their pedestals.  Not for nothing are you the biggest female box office star ever.

Sadly Doris Day's career had no contact with cricket.  This is remarkable since she was responsible for the song that sums up the batsman's feelings as the ball thumps against his front pad and full throated appeals are sounded all around.  'Que Sera Sera.  Whatever will be, will be.'  For some reason fatalistic batsmen did not take up the song, but the song did become the anthem of the poor misguided souls who form the band of supporters of the Scottish football team.  The song first featured in Alfred Hitchcock's film 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' - but given the Tartan Army's embrace of it, the film could be retitled The Men Who Knew Nothing At All.'
The Doris Day Appreciation Society

Whip crackaway
In FB's view, which counts for nothing at any time, Doris Day's other immortal hit is the 'Deadwood Stage' from Calamity Jane with its chorus of whip crackaway whip crackaway.  This song in praise of the dominatrix belied her innocent girl next door image. 

Among her long long list of movies, FB greatly enjoyed her co starring with Frank Sinatra in the greatly soppy and sentimental Young at Heart.  They just don't make movies like that anymore.  Tragic.

Doris Day has also been a long time and committed campaigner against cruelty to animals.  it is due to her that many movies feature in their title the legend 'No Doris Days suffered in the making of this motion picture.'  Regrettably her campaigning has not managed to stamp out the manifest cruelties imposed on incompetent batsmen such as FB.  Are they not properly to be considered members of the animal kingdom?  Come on Doris - there is still work for you to do. 

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