Sunday, 11 September 2011


Fantasy Bob recognises that some among his 3 readers will find it hard to differentiate the Rugby World Cup and Strictly Come Scrumming, for both have just got underway.  He has every sympathy for their understandable confusion.

 Fantasy Bob suggests that perplexed readers should use the amount of sequins, false eyelashes and orange skin as a general guide to which competition they are watching at any one time.  These generally suggest the English Rugby XV is not on display.

A rare bird -
Scottish try scorer
Scottish cricketers will of course have their usual roller coaster experience in supporting Scotland's rugby team in their efforts.  From disaster to triumph to disaster is their usual trajectory.  This was evident in their first match against Roumania which they eventually won through the unusual tactic for Scotland of scoring tries.

England also looked unimpressive regularly tripping over themselves in the military two step with Argentina who tangoed with purpose.

Nevertheless English commentators have already decided that their besequined XV has won the tournament before it starts simply by playing Jonny Wilkinson.

Fantasy Bob has never watched Strictly Come Scrumming so he understands nothing about its format.  FB did  hold out hopes that he might be invited to appear on it this season - his Dashing White Sergeant at the Carlton ceilidh in May must have got him in the eye of the selectors, but it was not to be.  He was pipped by a number of people of whom he has never heard masquerading as celebrities.  FB has no idea which club these celebrities play for.

I'm a Tiger
But for once FB notes that there is some Scottish interest in Strictly Come Scrumming for the ever young Lulu is among those in the cast.  FB has heard of Lulu who is now old enough to be her granny, but is still going strong.  She shot up the charts in the 1960s with her celebrated version of Shout.  Big hits followed soon after including To Sir With Love and The Boat That I Row.  She won the Eurovision Test Match with Boom Bang a Bang - a classic of German leider Schubert's setting of a Goethe text.  But her biggest hit was 'Where did my Scottish accent go.'

Lulu also promotes a best selling range of anti-aging products.  FB is in discussion with her agents about the possibility of a sponsorship deal with his all star fourth XI several of whom could certainly use some anti-aging to make them more lively in the field.

Lulu also won the coveted Rear of the Year title in 1983.  No winner of that title has gone on to play a meaningful role in the Rugby World Cup.

So come on Lulu. Come on Scotland.

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