Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Art for art's sake

Like most cricketers in Edinburgh, Fantasy Bob finds the month September a bit on the tedious side.  The cricket season is a distant memory - more distant this year since the weather just about washed out the second half of the season.  Equally, the International Festival has packed its pianos, violins and props and all is quiet on the cultural front.

Some kind
of artists at work....
 Fantasy Bob therefore shares the general rejoicing throughout the City that the City Fathers have heard the citizens' cry for something to entertain and enlighten them.  They have imaginatively arranged for the return of the biggest and best conceptual art installation ever seen in the City. 

Trams - the installation will run the length of Princes Street for the next 9 months which will be closed to all forms of cricket. 

The artwork was a triumph the first time round and local art enthusiasts couldn't stop talking about it as they drove their taxis round the diversions.  There is no reason why it should not hit the same heights again. 

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