Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Katie Price the Cricketer

Katie Price, previously known to all cricketers as Jordan, has created a magazine specially and exclusively about herself. 
No cricket features - so far
Cricketers everywhere will already have rushed to their newsagent to place their order for Katie which promises such articles as "I Will Get Married Again! The REAL truth about the headlines", "What My Tattoos Mean", "How to Cook My Perfect Sunday Roast" and "Things You Might Not Know About Me". 

This all adds up to a fascinating read for a long train journey, or in the pavilion waiting for the rain to stop.

But amongst this wonderful literary richness there is one obvious oversight. Fantasy Bob has spotted an opportunity.

FB has therefore applied for the prestigious post of cricket correspondent to Katie. This seems the one critical post in the editorial team that Katie has yet to fill. FB is sure he is exceptionally well qualified for this important position and will add something to the journal that its other writers lack. 

In anticipation of his appointment he is already preparing his first articles.  He has noticed how the market is ripe for a rigorous investigative piece on how breast enhancement surgery can help the forward defensive stroke.  He thinks the world is crying out for an analysis of Peter Andre’s technique in facing Katie's bouncers.  The time is also right for a review of how by ensuring that their skin is the correct shade of orange they can improve your close fielding.

This is what FB can deliver.  He is confident that Ms Price will see how such unique contributions will add thousands to her projected circulation figures.

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