Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rogue trading

Unlikely Batsmen's Scores
Cricketing authorities in the City of London are in turmoil this week after the revelation of a rogue scorer in the highly prestigious UBS CC.  During the recent league season, the rogue scorer credited UBS CC batsmen with 1.5 billion runs that were not signalled by the umpire. 

Authorities first got wind of this when they checked the bowling analyses.  A source told Fantasy Bob 'There were just too many dot balls for all these runs to have been scored.  The runs simply did not exist.'  

Commentators were agreed that this is the worst instance of rogue scoring since Nick Leeson credited himself with successive hatricks in a scandal which led directly to the relegation of championship winning club Barings CC. 

The revelation comes at a difficult time for the City cricketing authorities as a report by retired umpire Yvonne Jickers has recently recommended significant changes in the wides and no ball rules to stop batters taking so many risks outside off stump.

The latest rogue scorer faces criminal charges.   However animal rights activists were relieved to hear that no bankers would lose their bonuses as a result of this rogue scorer's activities.

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