Tuesday, 1 March 2011

From our fashion correspondent

Fantasy Bob is sure that his readers have been so focussed on the Cricket World Cup that they may not have noticed that last week was also London Fashion Week.   They need not worry.  They can continue their slumbers in front of the matches safe in the knowledge that FB has kept a weather eye open for anything that they should know from this event.  The London Fashion Week is normally dominated by genius designers dressing stick insects in a variety of bin bags and old blankets.  This year is no exception.  Not one of them looks like they could put down a decent over of out-swingers.  So far designers have not risen to the challenge of the radical reassessment of cricketing wear that might seem justified.  To the shocked surprise of the fashionistas, coloured pajamas are set to remain the ultimate fashion statement. Ties were nowhere in evidence.

But there is one possible development that Carlton's fashion adviser is considering.  There has been long standing concern amongst the fashionistas that the Carlton cap, being a standard blue item with the club crest, does not make a strong enough statement.  The radical French hair and headgear designer Charlie le Mindu has therefore been approached to consider how to adapt his latest creations to the needs of the go ahead Edinburgh club.  FB accepts that even a non-radical hair designer would be stuck in his case since there is precious little there to design anymore, but he pleads with readers not to let that interfere with their appreciation of how a new aesthetic could stimulate the cricket cap. Readers can compare the caps and their respective fashion statements below.
New cap 2011-
Strong fashion statement

Boring cap 1864-2010
Absolutely no fashion statement

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