Monday, 24 January 2011

School day

Fantasy Bob's birthday took place at the start of the month.  When it comes to a present (as if FB ever did anything to deserve anything), FB's true love has given up on the cricket equipment.  Apparently it all just clutters the house up and a person is always tripping over it all.  For himself, FB thinks that a person should tred with greater care and attention in the vicinity of a Gray Nicolls Nitro, but in the interests of domestic bliss he bites his lip and turns the other cheek. 

 Martin Wishart - it takes many
hours in the nets
to get so good
This year's birthday present was special - a master class at the Martin Wishart Cook School.  At this point, FB should humbly confess to being a cook of some modest ability.  He can boil an egg with the best of them.  He has spent many happy hours contemplating Nigella Lawson's accomplishments - occasionally he has even shifted his gaze to consider her recipes.  FB is looking forward to her next book which he is led to believe will nail the cricket tea once and or all.

Restaurant Martin Wishart is one of the special things that make Edinburgh an excellent place to live.  Its Michelin Star is endorsement of its Test Match Quality.  FB cannot recommend it too highly.

So, FB passed a happy Saturday, cutting and slicing far more effectively than ever he does at the crease.  Under Martin's benign and enthusiastic guidance he prepared:
  • Mushroom Cappuccino
  • Languostine Ravioli with Braised Orange Endive and Langoustine Jus - start with 6 live langoustine
  • Sea Bream Baked in a Salt Crust with Fennel and Lemon
  • Passion Fruit Souffle 
And here is the bream as it come out of the oven in its crust - and then with the crust opened:

Delicious.  Food of the Gods.  Martin Wishart - Ashes hero.

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